BLOOMBERG: Republican Lawmakers Call for Tech Lobby Be Blocked From Indo-Pacific Trade Input

Republican Lawmakers Call for Tech Lobby Be Blocked From Indo-Pacific Trade Input
Tech companies are trying to shape the IPEF trade framework Letter shows bipartisan concern over tech’s influence on trade

A group of Republican lawmakers is raising concerns about the biggest tech companies’ influence over the new Indo-Pacific trade framework, marking one of the first signs that the concern is bipartisan.

The lawmakers, led by Senators JD Vance of Ohio and Josh Hawley of Missouri, in a letter sent on Thursday, urged US trade officials to reject efforts by companies including Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google to shape the 14-nation economic initiative, known as the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity, or IPEF. They specifically oppose any language limiting other countries from passing antitrust legislation aimed at paring back the big tech companies’ dominance.


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