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About Rethink Trade

Rethink Trade was established to intensify analysis and advocacy regarding the myriad ways that today’s trade agreements and policies must be altered to undo decades of corporate capture and to deliver on broad national interests. This includes resilient supply chains and fair markets, the creation and support of good jobs with workers empowered to earn decent wages, public health and safety delivered by strong consumer and environmental protections and the ability for those who will live with the results to decide the policies affecting their lives.

Rethink Trade  builds  synergies between trade justice and anti-monopoly work to create and implement policies that can harvest the benefits of trade and promote healthy economies and local businesses  without undermining our democracy, livelihoods and labor rights, health or environment. 

Some of the select issues Rethink Trade is currently prioritizing:

  • Stopping Big Tech efforts to hijack “trade” agreements and policies to lock in monopoly power and evade governments’ efforts to safeguard the rights of workers, consumers’ safety and privacy, civil rights and fair competition.
  • Reversing Big Pharma’s use of trade pacts to protect monopolies over essential medicines, including COVID-19 vaccines, treatments and tests.
  • Replacing dominant corporations’ hyperglobalization agenda with pro-worker, pro-resilience rules for the global economy to repair the supply chain meltdown now causing prices to spike and that undermines reliable access to some essential goods.
  • Repealing the extreme corporate-power and taxpayer-money of the Investor-State Dispute Settlement regime.
  • Helping workers to use the revised North American Free Trade Agreement’s new labor rights enforcement mechanisms.

Rethink Trade is a division of the American Economic Liberties Project (AELP). AELP, a non- profit research and advocacy organization, is a thought leader in the anti-monopoly movement and promotes policy changes to address today’s crisis of concentrated economic power.

Rethink Trade Team

A headshot of Lori Wallach, looking directly at the camera.

Lori Wallach


Lori is the director of the Rethink Trade program at AELP and a 30-year veteran of international and U.S. congressional trade battles. She was named to “Politico’s 50” list of thinkers, doers and visionaries transforming American politics for her leadership in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) debate. A lawyer, Lori is the author of The Rise and Fall of Fast Track Trade Authority and Whose Trade Organization? A Comprehensive Guide to the WTO.

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A headshot at Daniel Rangel standing with his arms crossed, looking directly at the camera.

Daniel Rangel


Daniel specializes in international trade and investment law and policy and he is an expert in trade and labor matters. He was one of the lawyers that drafted the first stakeholder petition to activate the USMCA rapid response mechanism.

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Katie Hettinga headshot

Katie Hettinga

Katie Hettinga recently graduated from the University of Idaho with degrees in Political Science and Agricultural Economics. As a legislative scholar for the McClure Public Policy Research Center, Katie conducted and presented research on the history of Idaho’s initiative and referendum laws. 
A headshot of Jess Huang looking directly at the camera.

Jess Huang

Digital Communications Manager

Jess has more than a decade experience of working in politics, and holds graduate degrees in Global Security and Intelligence. Prior to joining Rethink Trade, she worked for a Washington D.C. non-profit. 

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