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Rethink Trade fights for good jobs, a healthy environment, robust and fair markets where small businesses can thrive and safe and affordable medicine, food and goods. And we believe those who will live with the results must decide the policies affecting their lives. That’s why we work to replace the current “trade” rules that were formed by and for the world’s largest corporate powers with damaging results for most people and the planet.

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Rethinking Trade Podcast

with Lori Wallach

About the Podcast

Welcome to Rethinking Trade with Lori Wallach, where we unpack “trade” policy, law and politics and how it affects your daily life more than you think. Much of what is labeled trade today is not about actual trade stuff, like tariffs or quotas. We’ll reveal how Big Tech, Big Pharma, Wall Street et al. use the trade brand to rig the rules against working people, consumers, small businesses and farmers and consolidate monopoly control, outsource jobs and undermine food safety and our environment. We’ll debunk myths used to sell the corporate-managed trade agenda, which also has done major damage in the developing world. And, we’ll share alternatives we support.


NEW EPISODE: EVs & Solar: What’s with the Rage About US Joining Fight Against Climate Chaos?

The U.S. is finally getting its act together on climate with new tax credits for people to buy electric vehicles (EVs) and go solar and incentives for firms to make these green goods here. So why are European and Asian governments mad and screaming “trade barrier!” instead of cheering our better-late-than-never climate action? Especially given we have less than 10 years to take drastic measures or face dire climate catastrophe… Will the Biden administration cave and roll back their excellent new policies designed to simultaneously counter the interrelated crises of climate chaos, supply chain meltdowns causing shortages and inflation, and economic inequality and anxiety?

On this episode of Rethinking Trade with Lori Wallach, we unpack what was in the Inflation Reduction Act and how it can help more people get an EV, go solar, have reliable supplies of such products, and have good jobs making them. Ben Beachy, the Vice President of Manufacturing and Industrial Policy at the BlueGreen Alliance explains it all. Plus, Ben and Lori make sense of the short-sighted sniping from other countries. (Hint: That’s where the circular firing squad come into the story!)