Big Tech’s “Digital Trade” Sneak Attack: What You Need to Know

On October 25, 2023, the Biden administration announced that the U.S. government will no longer support anti-worker, anti-consumer Trump-era “digital trade” proposals pushed by Big Tech lobbyists at the World Trade Organization (WTO). These rules would have undermined our online privacy and increased the already dangerous power of Big Tech monopolies. Small businesses, labor unions, civil rights and faith groups and members of Congress have thanked the Biden administration for derailing Big Tech lobbyists’ scheme to rig the rules against us at the WTO and also at Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) trade negotiations. 

Congress and regulatory agencies are now developing U.S. digital policies to safeguard Americans’ privacy, civil rights and right to repair and end Big Tech monopoly abuses. The Biden administration rejected Big Tech’s efforts to internationally preempt all of this via binding “digital trade” rules.  (Big Tech lobbyists tried this move in the 2019 U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement and slipped in some dangerous terms. They hoped to expand on that ploy with global and regional Asian trade talks.)

It is not surprising that Big Tech lobbyists and their allies in Big Pharma and the Chamber of Commerce are raging against the Biden administration’s action to protect workers, consumers and entrepreneurs. The Big Tech lobby had hoped to use these trade negotiations to lock in rules to evade accountability for their violations of our privacy, harm to our kids and crushing of smaller businesses.

Whose side are YOU on?



We support the administration’s decision to defend U.S. workers, consumers, and entrepreneurs by saying no to Big Tech lobbyists’ “digital trade” scheme. Thank you, Mr. President and U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai, for putting us first. We appreciate you ending U.S. support for outdated and extreme “digital trade” proposals that would have shut down the protections against Big Tech abuses that we want Congress and government agencies to implement.


We oppose Big Tech using its money and lobbyists to rig trade agreements with rules that undermine the privacy, online civil rights and liberties, AI and anti-monopoly policies. Please stand strong against the Big Tech bullies and their crazy accusations and claims. We know you have done the right thing and appreciate your defending us against Big Tech’s attempted Trojan horse trade-pact attack.

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